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Casa Del Mirto

Ready for some chillwave, lo-fi glory? We have just the thing for you.  Courtesy of one of our new contributors (who will remain nameless until the official announcement next week) we bring you Casa Del Mirto on Mashhh Records.  Based in Italy, this the group’s unique vibe encompasses every musical sound from midtempo breaks to chilled out sexy time, disco balls to hip-step.  Really feeling the eclectic sounds.  Listen + download below. <- download pretty much all their music here.

Casa Del Mirto - Acafulcro by The Mint Collective

Here is the latest video “Haste” as well.  Enjoy.

Late last year we posted about Casa Del Mirto, an awesome Lo-Fi, chillwavy band from Italy.  We are excited to report that they are releasing a new full length album, 1979, in a few days via Itunes along with some exclusive remixes.  1979 is in the same vein as their previous projects in that the tunes are most definitely wiggleable, awesome, mellow yet dancy.  Have a listen to our top pick from 1979, “Haste”.

Twin Shadow

Somewhere lurking along a Brooklyn landscape where nostalgia showcases as a special guest appearance, Twin Shadow emerges.  Sidewalks dimly lit only by the reflection of 1980something synths resonating off vocals that soundtrack the spark of teenage desires.  That’s what Twin Shadow sounds like.  It’s that balance of Breakfast Club suburban rebellion and concrete summers awaiting aimless nights. But, more than anything it’s just damn good…preferably something to be played loudly in headphones while dancing in your underwear at the crib or headlining down the block. 

The album, Forget, so gracefully captures vintage sounds that breathe the air of newly misted shadows…how appropriate a title.  And of course, an album of this wavelength churns out some dope remixes including one from Van Rivers - electro producer out of Stockholm keeping the international downtempo vibes streaming on his interpretation of ‘Slow’.  With that grand intro, take a listen for yourself and even in a city near you, with tour dates being set all over Europe and North America throughout the end of May. -Lady J

Download “Slow” for free here.

Check out twin Shadow’s recent collaboration with Yellow Records.

Toro Y Moi | So Many Details

A dreamy new Toro Y Moi joint dropped today – “So many Details” which will be the title track from his release Anything In Return out early next year on Carpark Records.

Enjoy fully and follow Toro Y Moi here, here and here.