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Robert Mitchell & Kaidi Tatham @ Steinway Hall, London

A brief behind the scenes look his rehearsal session with Robert Mitchell & Kaidi Tatham, undeniably two of the best contemporary jazz musicians and pianists of our generation as they prepare for the Steinway Festival.

Jazz Pioneer | Dizzy Gillespie

One of the greatest jazz trumpeters to ever live is Mr. Dizzy Gillespie.  With amazing contributions to the Bebop style of jazz as well as a pioneer in the Afro-Cuban jazz movement, Dizzy was a one-of-a-kind improvisational talent leaving a musical imprint for many decades to come.  Today would have been his 93rd year celebration.  Here is some rare footage passed on to us by minty fam, Aybee (Deepblak) that we thought we’d share with you today.

some essential Dizzy jams via NPR.

Evolution of the Instrument: Trombone

JJ Johnson

"The oft-neglected of the brass instruments, you don’t always here their names, but you have undoubtedly heard the unmistakable deep pop as they emerge from under the rest of the horn section, growling into your ears. From Dixieland to jazz, funk, and even hip-hop trombone players have defined recordings and bands with their swinging glissandos, muted wahs, and distinctive melodic growls. Here to continue our “Evolution of the Instrument” series are the Trombone players."  Read the whole piece on Revivalist.

Duke Hugh | Silver Lining

26-year old Duke Hugh of The Netherlands, a very fresh producer and beat finagler is working on a new project he calls Silver Lining.  Every week starting with the beautiful track below he will release a new song until he feels “finished”.  The separate tracks have a limited amount of free downloads and the final project will, when it is “finished” be released on a 7”! 

Although Duke Hugh is generally known for his melodic, hip-hop oriented beats with jazz guitar samples and Brazilian influences, on last winter’s “St. Louis to Madrid” (with remixes of Olivier Daysoul’s Mr. Saint Louis EP) Duke showed more range by moving into the realms of reggae, broken beats and future soul. On “Silver Lining” Duke Hugh will push further into the experimental territory of syncopated rhythms and soundscapes, while never losing the melody.

MdCL presents Church vol.3 mixtape

This coming Sunday, October 2, Mark De Clive-Lowe's monthly LA party CHURCH turns one year old. Over the course of the night CHURCH takes you from a live acoustic jazz trio to an improvised electronic beats session with special guests and guest DJ sets in between and after. You never know who’s going to turn up - whether it’s the likes of Chris Daddy Dave or Ohmega Watts jumping on the band stand; Louie Vega or Leon Ware hanging out in the audience; Robert Glasper jamming drums! CHURCH is all about taking the music somewhere new. To celebrate one year of CHURCH, MDCL has put together a fantastic jazzy mixtape featuring some of his favorite cuts.

Download below and enjoy! Also, stay tuned for Mark’s upcoming Renegades release on Tru Thoughts in November and get this track featuring the lovely and talented Nia Andrews here.

MdCL presents Church vol.3 mixtape by mashibeats

José James Interview


José James has masterfully combined jazz, hip hop, soul and freestyle elements into his music, has propelled some of the most epic musical projects of the past few years and is poised to elevate genre-blending consciousness for many years to come. From covering Coltrane’s “Equinox” - which got the attention of worldwide musical tastemaker Gilles Peterson who later put out his first album, to re-inventing Freestyle Fellowship’s “Park Bench People” José James has carved a very special and much needed niche into musical culture worldwide.

Prior to José’s recent Los Angeles show, we had the distinct pleasure of speaking with him to touch base and get a more in-depth look at how he’s gotten to where he is, what this next steps will be and who he’s collaborating with musically, spiritually and wholeheartedly to get there. We rapped about his Panamanian percussive influence from his father, tried to pinpoint why experimental music is more abundant overseas as well as where he’s had some of his most memorable shows.

Watch out for José James + Taylor McFerrin in Jan 2012 with a Japan tour slated and then up next, José’s new album - set to drop in early 2012.

It was a pleasure and honor to chat with José and we are deeply grateful for his music and many infinite blessings he’s shared with us.

Preview Minty posts on José here, here, here and here. Yeah, we  him.


KCRW: Aaron Byrd, Anthony Valadez, Jeremy Sole @ Zanzibar


José gettin’ it in!


José and his epic trumpet player, Takuya Kuroda


José’s amazing bassist, Solomon Dorsey


José & Takuya going off!


Peaceful melodies


Fan club shot!

-J Marie for The Mint Collective

K15 | Theme Music For A Pariah

Based in London and born out of jazz, soul, broken beat, hip hop and then some, K15 has been flying under-the-radar for quite some. His last project A New Path (2008)was a 5-track plate of delightfully soulful, base-driven treats with angelic vocals from New Zealand’s Lisa Preston (LP). Since 2008, K15 has been cooking up new sounds in the studio, djing regularly [a.k.a 6+ years] at world-renowned Jazz Cafe (London), putting out mixtapes [most recently a tribute to jazz pianist/musician Kaidi Tatham], oh and spitting out remixes like this dope one of a Spinnerty joint on the Recordbreakin label.

K15’s latest EP, Theme Music For a Pariah is out tomorrow on the Wot Not Records, a boutique label with a catalog of amazing little musical treats. 

Have a listen to the title track from the new EP, take a journey back in time to his music with LP and chill out to this amazing mix K15 did recently to honor the great Kaidi Tatham.

Jose James Mixtape Presented By Dj Spinna

Well this is a match made in heaven. Master of music fusion – New York’s own Dj Spinna, beautifully lays out the many sides of Jose James' on this generous hour-long mixtape.

Jose James, vocalist/arranger/composer/sincere dude blends his baritone voice seamlessly with jazz, hip hop, soul, electronic sounds and heart which Dj Spinna captures perfectly adding his own flavor for good measure.

Enjoy the The Eccentric Movements of Jose James Mixtape: Presented by Dj Spinna.