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LP | Indigo Pyramid | Moonjoy

Just got a nice treat in the inbox from a very special New Zealand-based young lady, LP.  We’ve been following her music since she put out an amazing project in 2008 called A New Path, with UK-based producer & vinyl collector, K15.  For the past couple years the sometimes beatmaker, vocal arranger, songwriter and music seleckta has been collaborating with some super talented under the radar artists like Cy Tru, Jellphonic and lately the 7 member collective known as Indigo Pyramid.  Check out the most recent gem, Moonjoy arranged and sung by Miss L.P., produced by Indigo Pyramid. 

FREE DOWNLOAD ::: INDIGO SHADES, album art by Nate James.

Indigo Pyramid | Moonjoy feat L.P. by TheMintCollective

Spinnerty Just Listen (Pts 1 & 2) Remixes

The humble cat they call Spinnerty is baaaaaaack with a 7” vinyl release of his         most recent ‘Just Listen’ project with an all-star cast.  Vocal tasks are shared by Mr. John Robinson (Part 1) and Jacqueline Marie (Part 2).  Heavy remixes from beatmaker B. Bravo, London-based K15 and long time Spinnerty music homie, DJ Limbs

Get yah own 7” here from Recordbreakin directly (heard they like to throw in goodies sometimes) or you can cop at Amoeba, Dusty Groove etc.  Here is a public service announcement from that dude, Spinnerty.  Gotta ♥ the guy. 

Thank you Moovmnt, BamaLoveSoul, Giant Step and everyone else who has supported this release!  It’s a family affair.

K15 | Theme Music For A Pariah

Based in London and born out of jazz, soul, broken beat, hip hop and then some, K15 has been flying under-the-radar for quite some. His last project A New Path (2008)was a 5-track plate of delightfully soulful, base-driven treats with angelic vocals from New Zealand’s Lisa Preston (LP). Since 2008, K15 has been cooking up new sounds in the studio, djing regularly [a.k.a 6+ years] at world-renowned Jazz Cafe (London), putting out mixtapes [most recently a tribute to jazz pianist/musician Kaidi Tatham], oh and spitting out remixes like this dope one of a Spinnerty joint on the Recordbreakin label.

K15’s latest EP, Theme Music For a Pariah is out tomorrow on the Wot Not Records, a boutique label with a catalog of amazing little musical treats. 

Have a listen to the title track from the new EP, take a journey back in time to his music with LP and chill out to this amazing mix K15 did recently to honor the great Kaidi Tatham.

Trap.Arnold | The List

We were put on to Trap Arnold today we visited Soulection Radio in Long Beach to join special guest K15 (London) and Joe Kay. This song literally blew one of the speakers in the studios and then we were all in love.

Download this head banger and enjoy!

All About WotNot


WotNot music is a conglomeration of uber talented gentleman based in London that make so many different genres of music come together beautifully, that it’s pretty much impossible to pigeonhole them. SPLENDID, really.

The state of music as of late has been in large part a resurgence of simple electronic sounds which have then been flipped and chopped into entirely new sounds making the old sounds new and new sounds insane!

The WotNot label is a perfect example of this shift in sound as the collective runs the gamut of juke, house, hip hop, beat-infused bass, footwork, future bass, drum and bass, moody breaks and much, much more.


I recently met up with JJ Jumbles, co-founder of WotNot [and amazing beatmaker] as well as Deft, epic producer and labelmate while I was in London last month. I was late to meet with the guys (typical) and yet they were so gracious and helpful as I was traversing south London to connect with them in a city I’d never been to. It was about 7pm, warm and still very light outside. London is such a beautiful city. We met right near the River Thames on the South Bank and the two greeted me with smiles and hugs. We walked across Golden Jubilee Foot Bridge (that pretty bridge below)


and decided that instead of conducting an interview in a quiet room in the Royal Festival Hall, that we’d go on a mission for food since we were all hungry. We walked around Soho and before I knew it JJ lead us down some random stairway into what definitely did not look like a place with food but in fact turned out to be an underground noodle spot! Score!

We sat down over noodles and proceeded to completely geek out about music – all translations of it – the state of radio, events in London and worldwide, what music we listened to growing up and even our guilty music pleasures. I learned a lot that night about each of the gents. For one, I discovered that Croydon-based (deep south London) Deft, teaches kids how to produce music and when he was growing up he was heavy into punk and ska – how cool is that? You’d never guess if you listened to his Clotting EP:

WotNot co-founder JJ Mumbles is equally as awesome and had such charisma about him – a very engaging, yet humble dude. I found out we have a common musical love interest called MachineDrum and I also was put onto a sweet band from Canada called New Look.


JJ, Deft and I talked for quite some time while I took a shitload of notes but the one thing that really stuck out was when I asked JJ how and why WotNot was started and he nonchalantly said “WotNot’s sole reason for existence is to bring visibility to music we love”. At this point, I was floored and everything else the two said seemed to be wrapped in gold leaf or something, because what they said after that point made so much sense. This hit me as a call to action to remember to do what you love and love what you do. WotNot serves as a reminder to us all to lift those up who are awesome, to contribute to the bigger picture and to make a difference with your art whether it’s inspiring others or being inspired by others – increasing visibility for creative expression only fuels goodness.

Instead of boring you some more with a description of our noodle extravaganza, I’ll just let the music speak for itself. Here is a perfect sampling of the labels’ music mixed by Charo – WotNot’s other Co-Founder.

To learn more about WotNot go here to learn more about their rad artist roster click on any of the links below:








Mani D

JJ Mumbles

Glenn Astro

Chesslo Junior


- J Marie for The Mint Collective