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Quantic Interview

photo: B+

William Holland is a musical mastermind. His diverse sounds across the global landscape have been influential for over a decade. It’s possible you may have heard of one or several of his projects such as Quantic, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic & The Flowering Inferno or Quantic & His Combo Barbaro? With roots in the UK and now planted in Cali, Colombia, Mr. Holland is poised to make his next move sharing along the way many musical treasures and maybe even his homemade lemon curd!

We recently caught up with Will to rap about cumbia mashups, “Trees & Seas”, what makes music palatable and what he has in store. Enjoy and don’t forget to download a little Dub Y Guaguanco by clicking the down arrow on the track below :)

What are the first 5 words that come to mind that you might use to describe the music you create?

Soulful, Alternative, Innovative, Explosive, Wholesome.

Saw you absolutely kill the Do Over a couple months ago with your Cali [fornia]-centric cumbia mashups like “Ain’t Nuthin’ But a G Thang”. How have you been able to hone in on such unique sounds making them into one seamless, danceable song?

Well, that came about from making a version originally of J Dilla, after that I got interested in covering other songs. The lines between hiphop and North American Black Music are slowly blurring with Tropical sounds like Cumbia, so it seemed fitting to try and ‘version’ some of these songs. I’ve been learning accordion in Colombia for a couple of years now so making specials like this are a chance for me to get better on the instrument and experiment with rhythms.

After a “bakers dozen” or so of releases what is one piece of musical equipment you couldn’t live without?

Well, I’d like to put it down to a fantastic piece of old equipment or eccentric piece of British sound engineering equipment. But in reality, I couldn’t live without a Mac Powerbook, since the first one I bought (and believe me I’ve got through a lot of them over the years!!!) its been an invaluable part of my production process. Its allowed me to travel the world fairly lightly and record all over Latin America & the States.

I have to ask what was going on when you created “Trees & Seas” and the whole Mishaps Happening album - it’s genius. It’s got the whole simple loopy hip hop, chill, melodic, cinematic vibe infused in it.

Quantic - trees and seas by The Mint Collective

I made Mishaps Happening and particularly ‘Trees and Seas’ whilst living in Brighton, England. I’m not sure what was going through my mind. I’ve always enjoyed working with a loop aesthetic and building up the vibe slowly. I had started renting a small room in a shared studio complex in the centre of the city, I’d often stay there till the early morning making songs. I’d always leave the warm confines of the studio and listen to the songs I had made on the walk back home. I remember vividly listening to this song on completion, walking up the hill to my house in the Brighton mist at 3 in the morning.

photo: B+

Your music is so palatable to really any type of listener. P.s. my dad loves “Dub Y Guaguanco”. Is this a conscious effort?

Mmm… well I’m really into trying to make music as universal as possible. The only danger with this is that you risk softening up or watering down the music in the process. I’m trying always to tread carefully and make each song live up to its full potential. Some songs are more universal than others, and a style Reggae is one of the most universal there is.

Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - Dub y Guaguanco by The Mint Collective

Heard you play Ana Tijoux (who we love) on both the Soundwaves Radio show in LA last month and the Tropicalismo mix w/ the Mochilla cats & Sabo. What other female emcees/vocalists are you into at the moment?

Ana Tijoux - 1977 by The Mint Collective

I’m not sure why but I’ve always preferred listening to female rappers than male. I grew up with two sisters and a mother who were always singing so maybe that has something to do with it. Its also maybe that I’m not super into Macho Hiphop styles. Ana is great, very talented and definitely pushing things forward. I also like Goyo from Colombia’s Chocquibtown.

You’re based in Colombia and originally from the UK, where do you think you’ll live and dig for sounds next?

I really want to do something in Trinidad, a calypso orientated project of some kind. I’ve also been trying to get to Angola for years, hoping to get round to that this summer. Colombia has been very good to me and I enjoy living here dearly, but let’s see where life takes me.

Best show you’ve played, ever?

Oh god that’s a hard one. One of favourite DJ shows was in Sicily, in the yard of an old Wine Factory with Blossom falling from the trees onto the turntables. With the Combo Barbaro we recently played a fantastic show at the Worldwide festival in Sete, France, that was magnificent as the stage was set in an Amphitheater up on the cliffs looking over the sea.

Something most people don’t know about you?

I make a good Lemon Curd.

What are you looking forward to?

I’ m looking forward to performing at the Shock Awards in Colombia this week. I’ m also off to my family home in Dec, so looking forward to a good cider and English cheddar (two things Colombia just cannot supply me).

-J Marie

Just wanted to thank Will and Jasmine at Tru Thoughts for making this interview happen. This is a huge honor for me, I have been a Quantic fan for a musical lifetime. ♥♥♥ xx-jm

Fulgeance | Glamoure EP + MIX

Ohai there.  We totally spaced on posting this fantastic new EP, GLAMOURE, from Paris-based Fulgeance that came out last month and just got a rude awakening when we saw his label post a sweet new mix with some of the tracks off the EP.  Get ready to get FONKY.

What Musique Large had to say about this fly new mix:

"So, ok, we know that we already spammed a lot with this new Fulgeance's GLAMOURE ep, but this mix is more here to present Fulgeance’s likes in music this last years.  Not just the new shits, but more a panoramic view of what inspired him from 90’s and more.  And of course, to present all the tracks from GLAMOURE ep, included into that mix.”


Sweet mix here:

Lamixette#48 Fulgeance “Gl-Amour-E” by La Mixette on Mixcloud

Peep the GLAMOURE project here:

Fulgeance - GLAMOURE Ep - Musique Large by fulgeance

Lefto | Worldwide Family

One of our favorite djs is that dood they call Lefto.  Belgium’s own seamlessly blends sounds into vast universes of unique, unlimited combinations that never cease to amaze us.  Lefto linked up with Red Bull Music Academy Radio to make a nice mix in support of his recently released Worldwide Family compilation (Brownswood) he put together alongside his comrade and global tastemaker, Simbad.

Get the Worldwide Family comp over here.

Lefto & Simbad present Worldwide Family Vol.1 // Lefto Teaser by Brownswood

Jay Electronica - Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute) - CDR
Illum Sphere - One For Dimlite - Fat City
Lunice - Hitmane’s Anthem - LuckyMe
fLako - Kelau - Project: Mooncircle
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx - NY Is Killing Me - Young Turks
Horsepower Productions - Poison Wine - Tempa
Orchestre Baka De Gbiné - Bosenga - March Hare
Los Mirlos - Cabalgando Con Ella - Vampisoul
Owiney Sigoma Band - Margaret (Kubo Dub) - Brownswood
Miles Davis - Spanish Key - Columbia
Gabor Szabo - Spellbinder - Impulse
Homework - I Got One (Mercury Remix) - Exploited
Onra - The Perfect Match - Brownswood
Cubic Zirconia - Fuck Work (Dâm-Funk Remix) - LuckyMe
Disclosure - Street Light Chronicle - Moshi Moshi
The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Hi-Fly Stomp - Freestyle
doP - Hard Knock - Bootleg - CDR
Curren$Y - A Gee - CDR

The Park | The Process

The Bay Area’s The Park rules.  They’ve been teasing us with a track here and track there leading up to this amazing project The Process which they finally layed on us yesterday.  The Process is the perfect combination of soul, funk, rock and roll guitar and glorious melody.  Support fabulous music here.

Also have a look-see at this session of The Park recorded by the unicorn-loving Anthony Valadez.

AbJo | Sankofa EP

A couple months ago we let you in on the secret known as AbJo, a San Diego-based musical genius making waves worldwide. Recently signed to Soulection, AbJo is slated to release his Sankofa EP shortly which proves to be a masterpiece (listen below) of epic proportion. Not only is AbJo an excellent musician, he is also a very awesome, down-to-earth, stylish dude! We can’t wait to hear more from AbJo [and Soulection].

"Sankofa means "to return from where you came from", and also to re-complete the cycle, the same cycle you’ve been completing since your soul has inhabited this existence. Sankofa resembles a soundscape that ranges from Future-Soul, Jazz, Eclectic-Fusion, Hip-Hop, & Deep-Thought sounds that trigger your mind into the thought of what The Sound of Tomorrow should sound like. AbJo designs a sound visual that incorporates heavy snares, hi-hats, future-drums, vintage-pianos, timeless-samples, & crisp synths that bring out your roots". -AbJo

AbJo | Sankofa Teaser by SOULECTION

K15 | Theme Music For A Pariah

Based in London and born out of jazz, soul, broken beat, hip hop and then some, K15 has been flying under-the-radar for quite some. His last project A New Path (2008)was a 5-track plate of delightfully soulful, base-driven treats with angelic vocals from New Zealand’s Lisa Preston (LP). Since 2008, K15 has been cooking up new sounds in the studio, djing regularly [a.k.a 6+ years] at world-renowned Jazz Cafe (London), putting out mixtapes [most recently a tribute to jazz pianist/musician Kaidi Tatham], oh and spitting out remixes like this dope one of a Spinnerty joint on the Recordbreakin label.

K15’s latest EP, Theme Music For a Pariah is out tomorrow on the Wot Not Records, a boutique label with a catalog of amazing little musical treats. 

Have a listen to the title track from the new EP, take a journey back in time to his music with LP and chill out to this amazing mix K15 did recently to honor the great Kaidi Tatham.

Reva DeVito + Roane Namuh | Frozen

Reva DeVito and Roane Namuh are back at itand with a super splendid visual for ‘Frozen’. Enjoy and check out ‘Detox’ – the jam that made us fall in love with her a few years ago.

Label Love | Vol 4

Label Love is back again and it’s epic. Volume’s 1, 2 and 3 were home to some of the best worldwide tracks of the past couple years compiled by Miss Jasmine De La Paz. Back again with a firey tracklisting for Label Love 4 – Jazz shares with us [for the love of music] an amazing sampling of music from labels all over the universe and specifically from some of our favorites like Quantic & Alice Russell, Charles Bradley, Onra and Dotmatic to name a few. Have a listen to some of our favorite jams then head here to download all of these bangers!


LAKIM | Esoteric

Lakim - Esoteric EP | Soulection from Soulection on Vimeo.

The Soulection fam is back at it - this time with their 15th release (yup!) on the label with Viriginia’s own LAKIM. Seamlessly and effortlessly clean bass and soul infusions are really the only ways to characterize his music without painting a picture of something too far removed from his sound. Lakim describes the Esoteric project as “tapping into a new sound” and “trying different styles out” that very can explain but once you listen to it, you’ll understand it’s beauty.

Explore the free 7-track release here and have sampling of our favs below.


Jose James Mixtape Presented By Dj Spinna

Well this is a match made in heaven. Master of music fusion – New York’s own Dj Spinna, beautifully lays out the many sides of Jose James' on this generous hour-long mixtape.

Jose James, vocalist/arranger/composer/sincere dude blends his baritone voice seamlessly with jazz, hip hop, soul, electronic sounds and heart which Dj Spinna captures perfectly adding his own flavor for good measure.

Enjoy the The Eccentric Movements of Jose James Mixtape: Presented by Dj Spinna.

James Hardy | Keep On Lovin’

17-year old UK-based producer Hardy comes to Minty by way of Soulection's Andre Power and his skillful ears. Hardy has an unforgettable and nostalgic sound, weaving everything from 808 trappy and trill sounds in with broken, angelic rhythms to create something new and fresh.

Have a listen to some of his gems below.

Atu - Pictures on Silence

imageArtwork by:

Heard of Atu? The 20-year-old Malawian producer who has lived in 5 countries and now based in Michigan dropped his first full length album today, Pictures on Silence, on Soulection. It’s pretty amazing.

Atu delicately fuses bass and soul, adding his signature, elegant vocal sampling to the mix. He incorporates unique time signatures and plays nicely with the silence, consistently leaving you wanting more.

Free download here for a limited time, then lookout for the album on all major digital platforms April 12, 2013.

Video by Andre Power!

JMSN | †Pllaje†


Last week JMSN's †Pllaje† dropped on his own White Room Records imprint. The Detroit-bred musician gently weaves his vocals through melodies and sounds that he has produced himself - giving him an interesting edge in this musical atmosphere where there’s often a vocal and production collaboration that happen independently of each other.

Here’s the single “The One”from †Pllaje† which actually happens to be our favorite jams on the album.

Get †Pllaje† digitally here and on cd/vinyl here.

Having done several interesting collaborations with folks like Sango, Ab-Soul and Kaytranda its easy to fall in love quickly with JMSN’s eclectic style and ease navigating diverse sounds. 

Based in LA and currently touring the U.S. and Canada, keep up to date with live shows and news for JMSN on his Facebook.