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Soulection | Summer SOULstice | Mixed By Andre Power

Another amazing mix of music for your summer cruisin’, chillin’, ragin’ or art goonin’ from our family over at Soulection.

Summer SOULstice by SOULECTION

Andre Power outlets





AbJo | Sankofa EP

A couple months ago we let you in on the secret known as AbJo, a San Diego-based musical genius making waves worldwide. Recently signed to Soulection, AbJo is slated to release his Sankofa EP shortly which proves to be a masterpiece (listen below) of epic proportion. Not only is AbJo an excellent musician, he is also a very awesome, down-to-earth, stylish dude! We can’t wait to hear more from AbJo [and Soulection].

"Sankofa means "to return from where you came from", and also to re-complete the cycle, the same cycle you’ve been completing since your soul has inhabited this existence. Sankofa resembles a soundscape that ranges from Future-Soul, Jazz, Eclectic-Fusion, Hip-Hop, & Deep-Thought sounds that trigger your mind into the thought of what The Sound of Tomorrow should sound like. AbJo designs a sound visual that incorporates heavy snares, hi-hats, future-drums, vintage-pianos, timeless-samples, & crisp synths that bring out your roots". -AbJo

AbJo | Sankofa Teaser by SOULECTION

LAKIM | Esoteric

Lakim - Esoteric EP | Soulection from Soulection on Vimeo.

The Soulection fam is back at it - this time with their 15th release (yup!) on the label with Viriginia’s own LAKIM. Seamlessly and effortlessly clean bass and soul infusions are really the only ways to characterize his music without painting a picture of something too far removed from his sound. Lakim describes the Esoteric project as “tapping into a new sound” and “trying different styles out” that very can explain but once you listen to it, you’ll understand it’s beauty.

Explore the free 7-track release here and have sampling of our favs below.


James Hardy | Keep On Lovin’

17-year old UK-based producer Hardy comes to Minty by way of Soulection's Andre Power and his skillful ears. Hardy has an unforgettable and nostalgic sound, weaving everything from 808 trappy and trill sounds in with broken, angelic rhythms to create something new and fresh.

Have a listen to some of his gems below.

Atu - Pictures on Silence

imageArtwork by:

Heard of Atu? The 20-year-old Malawian producer who has lived in 5 countries and now based in Michigan dropped his first full length album today, Pictures on Silence, on Soulection. It’s pretty amazing.

Atu delicately fuses bass and soul, adding his signature, elegant vocal sampling to the mix. He incorporates unique time signatures and plays nicely with the silence, consistently leaving you wanting more.

Free download here for a limited time, then lookout for the album on all major digital platforms April 12, 2013.

Video by Andre Power!

Ta-ku | “Handful” (Time In Between)


To celebrate his four millionth play on Soundcloud, Australian beatmaker Ta-ku, who undoubtedly also has the best hair in the game (see: exhibit a), has shared his groovy “Handful” track that was just recently released on Soulection's Time In Between comp. Ta-ku has been doing it right from the very beginning by a) making AWESOME music, b) utilizing the digital musical landscape effectively and c) collaborating with a number of top record labels worldwide like Sunday Records [his own], Mushroom Music (AUS), HW&W (L.A.), Project Mooncircle (GER), Paper Chain (AUS), Soulection (L.A.) and LiveForTheFunk (L.A.).

Music creators should be taking notes from this guy. Stay tuned for more from Ta-ku here, here and here.

IAMNOBODI | BDKMV Refix feat. The Clubcasa Chamber Orchestra

imageWHOA! IAMNOBODI, super talented beatmaker out of Düsseldorf Germany, just dropped his version of The Clubcasa Chamber Orchestra’s “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe” [which was already epic orchestral version to start with] further transforming the recognizable melody into a bassy masterpiece. Stay tuned for more from IAMNOBODI.

Sivey | Fabric London Hit&Run Mix


Manchester’s own Sivey put out the best mix we’ve heard in ages. The mix was originally made as a promotional tool for the Hit&Run takeover of RM3 at Fabric London last week. Producer and DJ, Sivey, nails it just about every time - each song on this mix is perfect.

Check the tracklist to learn more about the music you hear and then go dig for more!


1. Sivey - Multiples
2. Leon Vynehall - I Know Your Face, Heroine
3. Max Graef - A Tale of Love
4. Kaytranada - At All
5. Labuzinski & Max Graef - Löwengummi
6. Aztek - Am
7. Jaw Jam - Untitled
8. Werkha - Cube & Puzzle
9. Glenn Astro - The Power
10. Jordan Rakei - Add The Bassline (Evil Needle Remix)
11. Sivey - Waterbed Slow-Mo (Forthcoming Soulection)
12. Ariel Camusso & Persian Empire - Time (123Mrk remix) 
13. Geode - Some Friday Flavour
14. Iamnobodi - Maputo Dance
15. Sivey - Doin It Again (Forthcoming Soulection)
16. Aztek - Peccadillo (Forthcoming Dusty Records)
17. Nikitch & Mart One - WNBDWN (Forthcoming ??)
18. Opal Block - Shivering Artery (Forthcoming Astral Black)

Can’t wait to hear more releases from Sivey in the future. Check here for past relases.

Jo Def | Steps

imagePhoto By Josh Zacarias

Mr. Jo Def has found something very special. He’s about to release an album – his first album – called Steps. Ahead of the Nov 19 album release [digitally and on cassette], the Oxnard-based producer drops 2 tracks - “SWIM” and “TookItThurr” both of which are pretty clear indications of a solid record. 

The lead single “SWIM”, wraps a wavy, filtered sounding Sade vocal with bass stabs and head-nodding tempo for a sexy yet danceable time. “TookItThurr” pays homage to Slum Village’s “2u4u” - need we say more? Ok fine, “TookItThurr” is basically badass, marrying hip hop vibes with uptempo grooves – something Jo Def does with the utmost of ease.

Head over to Jo’s Soundcloud to listen to the depth of bredth of his past tunes (they are rad) and stay tuned to Steps dropping on Soulection Nov 19, 2013.

Kronika Selekta


One of the best selectors this side of the Mississippi (we’re in LA btw), Miss Kronika always comes through with the best mixes and musical finds around. She’s your favorite dj’s ear to the street - always putting us on to the dopest of beats and emerging artists.

These mixes give you a snapshot of the depth and breadth of Kronika’s style and delivery.

Follow Kronika on Twitter.

Mr. Carmack Though

Music is what Mr. Carmack does. Also, he does it extremely well and without a care about what you think. With a keen pair of parentals who’ve always been supportive and musical, it’s really no surprise that Mr. Carmack is able to combine so many different styles into one, cohesive sound. A background as a pianist since the age of 3, a drummer [who followed in his mother’s percussive footsteps] with a hip hop sensibility, a lover of house music and a knack for heavy hitting sounds, Mr. Carmack has really carved a unique style into the electronic music ecosystem.

Carmack doesn’t like to beef up his accomplishments or pat himself on the back, but if you walk into a conscious dance club on any given night around the globe, you will probably her a Carmack production or two without even knowing it. He’s stealth like that. Supported by worldwide tastemakers like RL Grime, Kaytranada, Djemba Djemba, Okayplayer and BBC Radio 1, Mr. Carmack has only begun to show us what he’s capable of – always leaving folks patiently anticipating his next musical moves.
After Carmack dismembered his Soundcloud – basically removing everything old from his page and uploading a dozen new sounds, we’ve low key [ok very high key] fallen in love with them all.

The first little nugget called “Ones” is by him and Canada’s Kaytranada (if you don’t know about Kay - seriously go here) and is kind of off the chain. ”Ones” is a super mellow bass-heavy tune that you can vibe out to at any time really.
The second selection here would be Carmack’s remix of Da-P’s “Dark Hadou”. The original track is a masterpiece in itself, but with that added little Carmack fake out where you think it’s going to be a cheesy trance song from the intro and then the bass drops and you loose your shit making the everything seem as though it’s in its right place. When that bass drops it totally changes your perspective on the predictability factor of electronic music. Very skilled this dude is.

Finally, you can do no wrong with an Aaliyah remix, especially this one. The ultimate waved out, sexy bass-filled tune we’ve heard in a long time. Definitely does more than justice to the original baby girl track.

Can’t wait to hear what Carmack does next. He’s definitely one of the most compelling artists in recent musical times - someone we’ll be following closely.