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Dam-Funk Interview for LA Weekly

The OG funkster tells it like it is!

Meet Sir Froderick

We recently caught up and cracked up with the dude they call Sir Froderick for a little Q & A about his Heartaches & Beatbreaks project coming out on Recordbreakin July 13.  

Ok so where did your name come from?  It’s pretty unforgettable. 

When I had my big afro my friends said I looked like Frederick Douglas.  Then I saw that movie Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks and i was like “well do you also say Frooooderick?”  It stuck after that.

LOL.  What vibe/s would you associate with Heartaches & Beatbreaks?  Any recommended activities to partake in while listening to your new project?

It’s real laid back sound that you roll a “L” to and think about that special someone…futuresex/

What sounds inspire you?

The sounds of sweet nothings being whispered in my ear….

Do you have any collaborations in the making?

Be on the lookout for Love Muscle (Sir Froderick & Lisa Preston) yuuuum!

What are you looking forward to?

People listening and enjoying the album and look forward to hearing more from Sir Froderick…I gotta lotta love to give.

Check out and download this exclusive TruHeartache mix from Sir Froderick as well as a little sampling of what to expect from his new project.  Click the down arrow to enjoy wherever you please.



Follow Sir Froderick on Twitter


Mint Collective Mix | TheTruHeartache ORANGE | Sir Froderick by TheMintCollective

Sir Froderick - GOODFEELINGS by TheMintCollective

Madlib | Medicine Show #7 -> High Jazz

greetingsMadlib is about to release his 7th edition of his a once-a-month, twelve-CD, six-LP series Medicine Show on his own imprint, Madlib Invazion.  All installations courtesy of his 4-Ton stack of vinyl :)  Enjoy this little sneak peak Stones Throw uploaded to their SoundCloud today.

full bit over at Stones Throw

Madlib - Generation Match - Electronic Dimension by stonesthrow

seasons change | strictly vinyl affair

There is a badass crew with members bPm & D’Wala out of London called HoldBoxFlat.  They compile, broadcast and curate mixes worldwide, usually of the strictly vinyl kind.  Last year we posted one of their mixes and have been following ever since.  Today they’ve come with a lovely jazz mix with tracks from Soul Jazz Records to Warp, Stones Throw and beyond.  Enjoy.

WaxJazz // dWala by holdboxflat WaxJazz // dWala by holdboxflat

Young Jazz Rebels / Primal Sound (The Moon) // Stones Throw

Doug Hammond / Moves // Tribe Records

The Lloyd Miller Trio / Gol E Gandom // Jazzman

The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble / Two Stories For Dwight (For
Dwight Trible) // Stones Throw

Michael White / The Blessing Song // Soul Jazz Records

Marcus Belgrave / Space Odyssey // Tribe Records

Jerzy Milian / Wsród Pampasów // Jazzanova Compost Records

Roy Brooks & The Artistic Truth / Eboness // Jazzman

Lloyd McNeil Quartet / Warmth Of A Sunny Day // Universal Sound

The Lloyd Miller Trio / Ando Le // Jazzman

Gonjasufi / Advice // Warp

Who is E da Boss?

Be U Could from JJC on Vimeo.

Have a first look/listen at E’s latest production and keys effort, “Be U Could”.  On vocals we’ve got the elusive (Quasimoto-esque) Brighton-based soul singer Chauncy Rigsby Malone.  Mr Malone is not the dood in the video nor does he have any online presence.  sneaky.  It’s frrrresh!

We recently caught up with Eric Boss mid-tour in Finland with Myron & E.  The bay area producer, dj, singer and all around cool funkin’ dood is grinding away putting records out, making videos and frying some bomb a$$ chicken.  Read on as our own Anthony Comito raps with E.

Yo Yo!!!

For those who do not know, tell me about E’s aliases and current projects..

Okaay, when I DJ it’s E da Boss.  When I produce music it’s Eric Boss.  When I sing it’s E.

Current projects are :

• Myron & E with the Soul Investigators LP coming Winter 2010 via Timmion.  

New Frames with Nick Waterhouse - In the studio working on new tracks :)

• The Pendletons with Trailer Limon - In the Studio working on 7” feat. Chauncy Malone Rigsby (see video below).

Slept On Records with Nick Andre - Digital Single coming soon.

You’ve been playing tunes in the bay longer then I’ve been on this planet, how have you seen the SF music scene change over the years?

I have seen music fads come & go.  Also a lot of bands / dj’s come & go.  A lot of clubs come & go or close & open with a new name.  Serato changed the game quite a bit but for the most part it seems to me that it has not changed too much. 

In terms of your career trajectory, are you making music from a different perspective than a lot of current DJ’s?

I don’t think so.  I see a lot of DJ’s getting into other aspects of music like playing live instruments, singing, etc.  Expansion of talent is a good thing.

You’ve done a bit touring.  Lets hear your tour resume?  

• Myron & E with the Soul Investigators - Currently touring Europe.

Blackalicious - Several National & International tours (too many to count).

Lateef the Truthspeaker - Several National & International tours.

Bicasso (Living Legends) - National tours.

Jennifer Johns - a lot of West Coast tours & we did a tour in Malaysia & Singapore a couple years ago.

Jahi - Several West Coast tours.

Best show overseas?

Myron & E with the Soul Investigators in Turku, Finland at Dynamo (Turku is the Funk capitol of Finland!)

How many children do you have that you know of?

One & a possible : )

Wooo!! I’m jamming “Cold Game” right now.  Your catalog of music is really diverse. What inspires you to create different types of music?

I think the biggest inspiration for me is just the challenge of doing it.  I also think it’s good to have a wide variety music in the catalog, not just a bunch of things that all sound similar.

It sounds like your able to keep a good balance of sampling and making it your own Is that a conscious effort?

Yes.  One of my biggest influences in music are the productions of Organized Noize.  Their early stuff for Outkast & Goodie Mod was a perfect blend of samples & live instrumentation.  I really aspire to create the same vibe they did.

In the process of creating new music do you usually have a pretty clear idea of what you want it to sound like beforehand, or is the process more improvisational?

It’s both.  Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to do and other times it’s just happy accidents.  Like the song I did with Gab & Lateef “Go Left”  that beat was just something I was fooling around with and it turned out good.  But “Banana Split” with Bicasso was me purposely trying to make a dance floor friendly song.  Both worked but it’s a good contrast between improv and a thought out idea.

E Da Boss - Banana Split f/ Bicasso by The Mint Collective

You are a pretty soft-spoken dude I had no idea you could sing!  What other hidden talents do you possess?

I can fry a pretty good chicken! <-  It’s true we’ve had it, it’s the BOMB!

On “Cold Game” it sounds like your singing about heartbreak. Are there certain experiences that you’re drawing upon?

Not really.  “Cold Game” was written and recorded in the same day.  The term Cold Game comes from a guy named Eugene Smith, he was a roadie for Blackalicious back in the day.  He used the term so much it became his nickname.  So when we were writing the lyrics Myron had the line “It aint funny it’s such a shame” & I was like “Love is such a Cold Game” and it worked.

Where does your appreciation of music stem from?

My Grandmother.  She had a crazy record collection.  Every thing from Lou Donaldson, Cymande, Al Greene, a lot of Mahalia Jackson, Down Home Blues…. You name a genre and she had it.  Even some country stuff.  She would play music in our home constantly -  she bought my first record  -> Michael Jackson 45 Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough b/w Off the Wall.

As a kid, was there music on the radio that you were really drawn to?

Hip Hop.  

At what point did you really get into music?

Probably around 85’-86’.  That’s when I started buy records on the regular and bugging my folks to buy me DJ equipment.

Some kids remember when they first learned how to ride a bike.  When did you first learn how to mix?

The guy that taught me how to mix was Cy Smith (Grandmaster C).  When I first started DJing all I wanted to do was scratch but he told me the most important thing is learning how to “straight mix” meaning blend two records together on beat.  He also told me that if I learned that everything else like scratching & tricks would be easier because you have to do those things in time to the beat anyway. 

You pull a lot of your favorite music into your own - what are your top 5 influential records all time?

1.  Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca & the Soul Brother

2.  A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

3.  J Dilla - Doughnuts

4.  Goodie Mob - Soul Food

5.  Toro Y Moi - Causers of This

Current 7” on the table?

Myron & E with the Soul Investigators - Free Delivery From the Pot Club!


Go through your current studio setup.

• Mac G5

•2 Technics 1200’s

• Rane 56 Mixer

• Ensoniq ASR-10

• Akai MPC 60

• Casio RZ-1

• Sequential Circuits Max Synth

• Microkorg

 What piece of equipment could you not live without?

• Ensoniq ASR-10…It’s really bad but I love that thing more than most of my girlfriends.

You run your own record label Slept On Records. What inspired you to start your own label?

Yes. Nick Andre and I started the label in 2002.  We started it to put our own music out.  D.I.Y. is the Bay Area way!

What’s next for the label?

We are putting out a series of digital only releases.  Maybe a 7” at some point but mostly digital releases for the near future.


What are some ways you’re staying up with the current state of the music industry?

Reading Blogs.  That seems to be the best outlet for New Music now-a-days.  I read Nahright, 2dopeboys, gorillavsbear, mintcollective, xlr8r, above-the-fold, etc. etc. etc. & always trading music with friends… Word of Mouth, Video’s, Radio… . I try to stay dialed in to all that in some form or fashion.


Grown Kids Radio is one podcast I definitely enjoy listening to.  How did all these goofy dudes get together and what kind of stuff will you be doing in the future?

We are a pretty unique group of goofy dudes.  I think we all got together to do a radio show on a local Pirate Radio Station but that did not work out quite the way we had planned so we started doing the podcast. Big Up’s to Brown Majic, Peter West, Spinnerty, Diversify & Cyclyst a.k.a Dust Bucket!

I think there might be a bit too much testosterone, how about getting some girls up in the mix!?

I am 110% down for that! Any suggestions?

I’ve been lucky enough to get down on E’s Fried Chicken. What’s the secret ingredient?

Love, Peace & Hot Grease!

-Anthony Comito for Mint Collective


Aloe Blacc | Good Things

photo: B+

“My purpose for music is positive social change,” says Orange County, California native Aloe Blacc. “Even if the music itself does not explicitly express anything that may signify positive social change, the product of the music will.”

After some serious buzz with his (epic) “I Need  A Dolla” single from the forthcoming Good Things album, Aloe Blacc is poised to release this beautifully soulful and meaningful record.  The album will be released on Stones Throw on September 28 and can be previewed courtesy of NPR’s First Listen.  Download “You Make Me Smile” too, it’s quite lovely :)

Aloe Blacc - You Make Me Smile by stonesthrow

Label Love III

Artwork by the talented Greg Ponstingl 

Our L.A. music gem of a gal - Jasmine De La Paz, is back with another amazing installation of Label Love. Label Love’s 1 and 2 were pretty mind blowing - both with eye and ear-opening hidden treats that left you wanting more! Label Love 3 is yet another beautifully compiled sampling of unreleased music from some of the best independent labels worldwide.

Label Love is an eclectic yet unified bundle of unique sounds compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe - each track plucked and presented by label heads from Decon Records, Fat Beats, One-Handed Music, Stones Throw, Tru Thoughts, Wah Wah 45s, and Wax Poetics.

Download free directly.

1. Nostalgia 77 - When Love Is Strange 2. Mark de Clive-Lowe - Hooligan feat. nia andrews 3. Mo Kolours - Biddies 4. Paul White - African New Wave 5. Stac - All Or Nothing (Kidkanevil Remix) 6. Union - Wings feat. Elzhi 7. Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn - 1969 Organ 8. CSC Funk Band - A Troll’s Soiree (Brooklyn Chimp Remix) 9. Freestyle Fellowship - We Are 10. Chico Mann - Metele Mano (Aja West & Cheeba Remix) 11. Colman Brothers - On A Better Day 12. The Stepkids - La La  


M.E.D. - Blaxican Prod. Madlib

“Blaxican,” produced by Madlib from the album Classic dropping November 1 on Stones Throw.

Director: Eric Coleman (Mochilla); Editor: Luke Lynch; Camera Operators: Coleman, B+, and Mike Park; Producer: Maribel Chavez.

Electric Wire Hustle Added to Grown Kids Radio x Mint Collective Unofficial SXSW Showcase

A slight but FANTASTIC update to our unofficial South-By-Southwest showcase  - we’ve added one of our favorite groups in the history of ever, Electric Wire Hustle!

EWH, hailing all the way from new Zealand, has been been around sine 2007 and last year they came to tour the U.S. for the first time and we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing them. Not only are they amazing artists with a super unique sound, but they are also hilarious and super sharp gentleman. 

Electric Wire Hustle Interview from The Mint Collective on Vimeo.

Along with EWH, we have some amazingly talented artists to showcase and to celebrate everything coming together so beautifully, Grown Kids Radio’s Brown Maj has curated and blended this mixtape to give you an idea of what to expect.

Enjoy, spread the love and come see us if you’ll be in Austin on March 14.

RSVP here:


Electric Wire Hustle - Buy Some Land, Put A House On It

Miles Bonny - Too High

Hawthorne Headhunters - Teleport

Anthony Valadez - Rising Love feat. Vivian Perez and Samiyam

Secret Sidewalk - Babingka

Maus Haus - You Made My Radar

Spinnerty - Just Listen Pt. 2 feat. Jacqueline Mari

Myron & E - The Pot Club

Zuzuka Poderosa and Kush Arora - Seda (H3 remix)

B. Bravo & The Starship Connection - The Rollout v.2

The Park - These are the days

MC ZULU and Kush Arora - Vigilante Gun Court

Hawthorne Headhunters - Hole in the World

Electric Wire Hustle - Thank You Steve